The Department of Communities has implemented a consultation which may result in the loss of jobs and much needed services in Cookstown and Magherafelt.


At tonight’s meeting of the Mid Ulster District Council, the decision was taken to communicate with the Minister and the Department in opposition to the potential job losses.


Sinn Féin Councillor Peter Bateson supported the decision of Mid Ulster council this evening stating,


“We would like to see an immediate suspension of the consultation in order to ensure the Department carry out necessary rural proofing. We cannot stand by and see jobs and services leave the area”.


Cllr Bateson’s remarks were supported by party colleague Ronan McGinley who highlighted,


“Sinn Féin have been proactive on challenging the Department regarding the alleged issue of little or no communication with staff, and if this is the case it needs rectified. We have written to the Minister and made the case that front line services in the area need to be protected, especially in the midst of massive changes to welfare. We have sought a meeting with the Minister to discuss our concerns with this consultation


One thought on “Sinn Féin support retention of jobs in Mid Ulster

  1. As an employee of Magherafelt J&BO I would like to personally thank you for your presence and support during this difficult and stressful time that I and my colleagues are enduring.

    The public consultation papers are very comprehensive of us to interpret and it would only be just to either abolish these or redesign to suit the clients needs in lay man terms.

    There is ample skills and accommodation for staff to remain in Magherafelt to conduct DFC’s role rather than be relocated elsewhere in the province at an expenditure to the Department that is obviously defeating the purpose of cutbacks!

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