Report to Road Service – January 2016

Report to Road Service – January 2016

Below is a link to the report provided to Road Service (Jan 16). Presenting the report was myself, Michelle O’Neill MLA and Francie Molloy MP.

The report gives a summary outline of discussion. Each point was discussed in full detail, and now the report is with Road Service to respond accordingly.

A large amount of the conversation surrounded the classification of our roads, currently B status. It is not realistic to expect this classification to change. However due to the nature of the network, ie, main routes to both motorways and high use of commercial vehicles, Road Service were asked to take this into consideration when planning future works across Mid Ulster.

Individual potholes, failing verges, uneven surfaces etc were not discussed specifically. However Road Service were informed that local residents felt the general state of our roads is unacceptable.

This report does not cover all the issues around the loughshore, and if there are any ongoing issues not included I am happy to continue raising these. Please just let me know.


Report to Road Service