Spate of car crime around the Old Cross In Ardboe needs to be stopped

Early reports are emerging tonight of another car being broke into whilst visiting the historic Old Cross and Abbey site in Ardboe.
If allegations are confirmed, this will be yet another break in to add to a string of incidents at the quiet spot on the lough shore. Recent occurrences have included damage to vehicles and personal belongings being stolen.  

Local councillor for the area, Sinn Féin’s Ronan McGinley has spoke out against the alleged activity ‘The Old Cross should be a peaceful place free from this kind of worry. Unfortunately, the society we live has resulted in people becoming accustomed to this type of behaviour in our cities and towns. Rightly or wrongly we assume rural areas like the Loughshore should be free from this disgraceful behaviour. Recent events have angered the local community and if this latest break in is confirmed it will leave people wondering what is being done to help prevent this from happening again’.

Cllr McGinley continued ‘I have started making enquiries into tonight’s allegations and the overall number and seriousness of recent events. When there is a clearer picture I will work to support whatever measures can be put in place to prevent this disgraceful activity from happening again’.