Councillor McGinley disgusted at illegal dumping of dead horse on Lough shores 

The aerodrome on the shores of Lough Neagh, locally known as the Air Drum, is often used for illegal dumping and fly tipping. This causes anger among the local community, who are even more outraged at recent events which have seen the dumping of a dead horse.

Local councillor for the area Ronan McGinley said ” I’m extremely disappointed at this behaviour, no-one wants to see this. Animal owners need to be responsible for there pets. The way this animal has been dumped is disgusting, and as an animal owner myself it sickens me to know someone thinks it’s ok to do this”.

Cllr McGinley continued, ” All to often the air drum is used for dumping. There is so much potential in this historic site and the disrespect people are showing it and our local community is unacceptable. I hope this practice stops and people use the recycling and waste facilities open to them in Mid Ulster”.