Councillor McGinley demands basic services for Mid Ulster Roads

A Sinn Féin motion is to be brought to the first fully operational Mid Ulster District Council in relation to the condition of local roads, demanding basic services for local motorists.

Sinn Féin’s group leader Ronan McGinley has requested the motion to be heard following a number of unsuccessful lobbying attempts to have defaults repaired by Transport NI.

Cllr McGinley said “I hope the council will support this motion. I recognise that road service are working within restricted budgets, but the condition of our roads have deteriorated so much that I fear there is the potential for serious accidents. Long delays in fixing very dangerous defaults is unacceptable.”

 Cllr McGinley continued “the pot holes are bad enough, but we are also being short changed in relation to street light repair, road gulley emptying and grass cutting, not to mention DRD transferring responsibilities without adequate budget at the expense of Mid Ulster Rate payers. As the condition of our roads is the responsibility of the Department for Regional Development,  I would like to know what Minister Kennedy is going to do to ensure Mid Ulster residents get the services they deserve.”

Cllr McGinley’s motion will be brought to the April meeting of the  Mid Ulster District Council on Thursday night.



Kilycolpy road, Ardboe – Pothole or Sinkhole??


 The Kilycolpy Road in Ardboe, which was recently branded a ‘disaster waiting to happen’ by local Sinn Féin Councillor Ronan McGinley, again is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Among a number of defaults on the road, a very large pothole has appeared causing local residents serious concerns.

Cllr McGinley said “this pot hole has the potential to put someone off the road. I can’t say it any clearer than that. There have been many reports from residents describing how motorists are swerving out in front of each other to miss it, how there has been numerous incidents of damage to vehicles, and people are fearful of it causing a serious accident”.

Cllr McGinley continued ” I’m aware that Transport NI are under budget constraints which is resulting in the delay of repair work for many areas. I know there has to be prioritisation of work, and I understand this is a difficult process. But one look at this Pothole would highlight the need for immediate action. I hope Transport NI can do something to fix this before a serious accident occurs.”