Mature Politics is Key to Ensuring Mid Ulster Council Success

Ronan McGinley, Sinn Féin Councillor for Torrent has said that progress on key issues can be made with parties taking a mature approach to decision making. The comments came at the September meeting of the Mid Ulster council, where a decision was taken regarding the recruitment for key positions within the organisation.

A proposal, put forward by Sinn Féin group leader Ronan McGinley, ensured that the four main parties were represented in the decision making process.

Commenting on the decision, Cllr McGinley said “I think this was a very important decision taken for the council moving forward, as it represents a mature and respectful approach.”

“Gone are the days where views of one side of the community are ignored, and Sinn Féin will ensure that where possible, representation across the political spectrum will be prescribed.”

“Old practice is not always best practice, and Sinn Féin will not repeat the flaws of other parties from the past. Sinn Féin will continue to lead the way for equality and fair representation”.