Press Release – 26/07/14

Press Release
Immediate – 26/07/14

Sinn Féin Councillor calls for emergency meeting of new Mid Ulster Super Council to talk about Gaza

Sinn Féin Cllr Ronan McGinley has called on the new Mid Ulster super council to meet in a special meeting to discuss the crisis in Gaza.

McGinley has written to Cáthal Mallaghan, the Chair of Mid Ulster council, in light of the continued crisis and the growing concerns of local people.

“The appalling situation in Gaza which has left hundreds of people dead, mostly civilians and children, and many more injured must be brought to an end”. Cllr McGinley highlighted that “Many local people have expressed outrage through various means, including protest, use of social media, and calling out to political representatives to show leadership. I’m pleased that Cllr Mallaghan accepted my request for an emergency meeting, and I trust the Council will support my motion condemning the shocking loss of life in Gaza, and support the call for an immediate ceasefire”.

Chair Cáthal Mallaghan stated “I have followed the ongoing news coverage from the Middle East and the scenes are absolutely horrendous. Given the incredible circumstances of peoples suffering an the reaction from the people in Mid Ulster I had no problem whatsoever in calling this special meeting”.



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