Election campaign 2014

It’s been a busy few months, but thankfully all has paid off with great results for Sinn Féin across the country. Locally, the four candidates are home in the Torrent area, and I am extremely proud to be one.

There is a long list of people to thank for this successful campaign, firstly to all those who exercised their right to vote. The trust and support given through your vote will not go unrewarded.

At no stage throughout this campaign was I on my own, and for every step I took Pearse McAleer took two or three more, both on the physical canvass and with all the behind scenes work. Thanks for all the direction and support (and bad manners….), you led a great campaign.

To the election team, Anne, Niall, Michael, Barry, Gerry, Tam, Damien and Conor. Big, big thanks for all your time and help, you carried out too many roles for me to list but everything you did is appreciated!!

Within Team Sinn Féin, there is far too many people to thank individually, but we had a good outcome as a result of the collective team effort, and now the hard work begins. I have to say I was expecting a bit more shouting from Barry, but I’ll leave it there as I don’t want to encourage him for the next time….. Well led operation!

Closer to home, I have to thank my wife and all the family for all their support. Spending so much time away from home was the hardest part of the last number of months, but the saying ‘behind every man is a better woman’ is definitely true in our circumstance.

The best way for me to repay all the effort, support and best wishes is to do my best in this new role. I will do my best to represent all those who voted Sinn Féin, and all those who didn’t.